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Higher Education

The Office of Educational Technology believes that the technologies available today provide us an opportunity to create a system of higher education that provides excellent education and ensures even greater equity for our students tomorrow.

The Higher Education Challenge

Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education

Higher Education Innovation

Reimagining Higher Education in the Changing World

Think 12 years in the future: what will you be doing in 2030? How will you interact, learn, and work? The dramatic changes we have already seen are a taste of the…


How can blockchain play a role in learning continuity?

When we first launched our Education Blockchains Initiative (EBI), we asked the question — How might blockchain support the educational ecosystem to increase access,…


Introduction to Blockchains for Educators

The primary goal of the Office of Educational Technology’s Education Blockchain Initiative (EBI) is to help education stakeholders identify and evaluate ways that…